My Journey Through The 30days JavaScript Coding Challenge

Okonu Deborah

Week 1: I was able to create:

A simple To-Do list:

ToDo List

A Random Quotes App:

Debbie's Random Quotes App

Week 2: I was able to create:

A program that greets you based on your current time:


A simple Tip Calculator:

Tip Calculator

A Grade Calculator:

Grade Calculator

A Background Color Changer:

BackgroundColor changer

A Form Validation:

JavaScript forms

A Stop Watch:


A Countdown Timer To Christmas:

Christmas Countdown

Week 3:

I Was Able To Create:

A B.M.I Calculator (Body Mass Index):


A Number Guessing Game:

Number Guessing Game

A Weight Converter:

Weight converter

A Sort List:

Sort list

A Search Menu:

Search Menu

A Modal Image Gallery:

Modal image

Slide Image:

Image slide

Testimony Slide:


Progress Bar:

Progress bar

Height Converter:

Height Converter

Week 4:

My final project !!🎉🎉💃

Weather App ❤️
Debbie 😊


FemCode Africa



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Okonu Deborah

Okonu Deborah


A front-end web developer || A lover of Mathematics || A computer science student