Writing A Detailed Resume in 2021

  • Education history (Date inclusive)
  • Work experience (Date, Job and company inclusive)
  • Description.

The Components Of A Resume

  • A resume must be concise. Clearly written and straight to the point.
  • One page
  • It must have the Right Structure.

Good Structure Of A Resume

  1. Name and contact information; (Full name, Email address, Link to profile, Link to your portfolio website)
  2. Summary: Summarise your skills and strengths. (Let it be able to show how your skills and strength fits the job requirements).
  3. Education: Write your Recent and last education history, with dates inclusive.
  4. Certifications: Include any relevant certifications. I’ll suggest, you include one that is related to the job you’re applying for.
  5. Work Experience: Add your detailed work experience, if any. (It should be concise and well detailed).
  6. Leadership and Awards: Add your volunteering opportunities. If you’ve volunteered for a particular position or if you got any awards.
  7. Projects: Things you’ve worked on in time past. (Those related to the job applications).

Do’s and Don’ts In Writing A Resume

  • Keep your Resume in a page
  • Include appropriate contact information
  • Use Action Words(E.g Analysed, Developed. And not; I Analysed, I developed )
  • Keep formatting simple. (Use readable font style)
  • Don’t include personal information. (Very important. only include, if it’s required in the job description.)
  • Don’t include reference. Unless stated otherwise.
  • Don’t use passive voice. (E.g; The database was managed by me.)
  • Don’t use hard to read and lengthy sentences. Make your resume short and concise.
  • Use bullet points and Don’t present information in paragraphs.
  • List all experiences in reversed chronological order. (Most recent first).

Finding your dream job requires determination to reach your goals and achieve great things.



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